Creating productive societies across Africa.

Creating productive societies across Africa.


Mezzanine delivers mobile-enabled solutions to companies doing business in Africa. With an estimated 800 million mobile subscribers in Africa, we view mobile technology as a major enabler for economic growth. We deliver business solutions that cut costs, increases efficiency, improves risk management and provides unrivalled access to users across the continent. Mezzanine works with mobile network companies to provide solutions across multiple industries, with our main focus being Healthcare, Agriculture and Education.


Mezzanine offers a comprehensive solution for agribusiness to interact and transact with smallholder farmers in Africa. We partner with mobile money service providers to offer innovative financial service products.


Improving and extending access to quality health services. Decrease the cost of delivery health services and increase efficiency and productivity of supply chains and remote health workers.


Real-time visibility for management on day-to-day activities in schools e.g. teacher and learner attendance, textbook inventory, incident reporting, performance and priority programmes like School Feeding.


Moving goods from A to B in Africa can be challenging. We offer an easy to use solution for SMEs in the logistics sector to manage shipments and optimise operations across Africa. A cost effective solution to improve service delivery.

Work Smarter

Mobile, cloud, big data and the Internet of Things hold the promise to transform value chains across industries. How does your business harness the transformative nature of these capabilities? Mezzanine work with several partner organisations to aggregate a range of game-changing ICT capabilities through one platform in order to deliver end-to-end business solutions for a mobile-first world. Mezzanine can enable your business to work smarter.


Deliver transformative value to 800 million subscribers in Africa.

Internet of Things

Monitor, control, optimization and autonomy.


Link ecosystem stakeholders across industry boundaries.


 Monitise (capture value) through mobile financial services.


Always on, when you need it, where you need it.


Insight to support day-to-day decision making.



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Case Studies

Creating Productive Societies

At Mezzanine we work with our clients and partners in creating productive societies across Africa. Our definition of a productive society is a healthy, well-educated society with an economic active adult population. This definition guided our focus on health care, education and agriculture as priority verticals.