Mezzanine delivers mobile enabled solutions to companies doing business in Africa. With an estimated 800 million mobile subscribers in Africa, we view mobile technology as a major enabler for economic growth.

We deliver business solutions that cut costs, increases efficiency, improves risk management and provides unrivalled access to users across the continent.

Mezzanine works with mobile network companies to provide solutions across multiple industries, with our main focus being healthcare, agriculture and logistics.


Mobile Business Solutions

Mezzanine has extensive experience in developing mobile solutions for enterprises that do business in Africa. By leveraging the power of mobile technology we innovate around delivering bespoke solutions for commercial and public partners while addressing critical business challenges, mitigating risks and unlocking opportunities. Whether connecting with customers, your employees or your service providers; we have a team of experts that can help.

Technology Advisory

Through the application of proven multidisciplinary techniques and our deep experience of the mobile technology landscape we assist clients in addressing key issues. By aligning business, technology strategies and architectures we aim to support complex transformations and optimise on business processes, in the context of appropriately managing risk and achieving targeted business results.

Mobile Health

We use the latest mobile technology to provide innovative, end-to-end, mobile health solutions, and deploy these as managed services. Our mHealth solution aims to lower the cost of delivering health care services, while increasing service efficiency, accessibility and reach. These systems empower patients and health care providers, support the reduction of market fragmentation and remove complexity.

Mobile Agriculture

We have leveraged our deep experience in mobile health solution development and extended these innovations to application in the mobile agriculture space.  We have demonstrated success in delivering appropriate solutions as managed services, that support farmer engagement through mobile registration, access to markets and a range of other essential functions. These services have enabled agribusinesses to increase their reach, as well as the reliability of their business with  smallholder farmers in Africa.


Service Realisation Process

Our proven Service Realisation Process is used to co-create bespoke solutions with our clients. We know and understand that ecosystem solutions can not be created around a boardroom table. Our realisation process includes on-the-ground stakeholder engagement, and user centred design workshops to ensure easy adoption and seamless change management.

Ecosystem Approach

Through experience and understanding of the entire ecosystem we build robust and sustainable solutions that are accessible, appropriate and useful to the beneficiary of the service. Partnering with the in-country mobile network operators allows Mezzanine to deliver enterprise services beyond those available from traditional systems.

Sharing the road

Mezzanine is not a seller of products. We deliver a service, and rely on trusted relationships with our clients and partners to support high-quality delivery. Walking beside our client on their journey to delivering value in their sector is what we do.

Managed Services over Products

Once a solution is designed and tested on paper, the helium platform is used to ensure cost effective delivery of the developed system as a managed service to the field. By trusting us to handle all the management responsibilities and functions of our mobile solution you are able to focus on more strategic activities for your business. We take care to ensure 99.9% uptime of services.

End-to-End Bespoke Solutions

Supporting Farm-to-fork and Health-to-home, with Concept-to-completion precision. Our proven service realisation and advisory processes are used to co-create tailored client solutions.  This unique value configuration enables us to deliver client specific workforce-, stock-, work flow and customer management services.  The result is a cost-effective bespoke solution as a managed service.


Where we operate


Stock Visibility Solution

Workflow Management Solution

Agri Solution: Vodafone Connected Farmer

Customer Management Solution

Workforce Management Solution

Communication Management: HELP


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