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Accomplishing one million stock update transactions in merely two years already was a remarkable feat. Completing an additional two million in the five months that followed, represents an unparalleled 96% increase in transactions and stands out as a record benchmark for Mezzanine’s Stock Visibility SystemSVS). The increase is seen due to the requests from NDOH in July 2016 to expand the solution and have it deployed nationally across all the primary health facilities in SA.

SVS – a giant leap in primary healthcare

SVS is a mobile phone-based solution that provides all tiers of the public health supply chain in the Department of Health with real-time visibility of stock levels at over 3,100 primary health care (PHC) clinics across eight provinces in South Africa. This visibility improves the Department’s ability to increase access to medicine when and where it is needed, often in remote parts of the country. Real-time access to stock level information from PHC clinics will also allow for proactive replenishing of low stock levels and for out-of-stock facilities to receive priority attention. Through SVS the Department can monitor supply chain functionality and centrally compare purchased, ordered and delivered volumes with medicines actually available on PHC clinic shelves.

Ongoing refresher training and field support that NdoH and Mezzanine offers

Having completed the mobile user training during the implementation phase, Mezzanine and NdoH provides end user support which includes aspects of refresher training through their Call Centre to make sure that users are equipped with up-to-date product knowledge. , NDOH has helped to build capacity within the provincial teams to ensure sustainability of support for mobile users.

Improvements made to the product

By providing highly responsive technical support, the Mezzanine has been able to implement system improvements and adjustments to address the majority of frustrations experienced by users of both the mobile and web application. Mezzanine encourages users to work frequently with the system on a daily basis to build their self-confidence and successfully utilising the information collected via SVS to make informed decisions about medicine supply management.

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