Behind the solutions

Using mobile to reach the last mile
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    Market Leaders

    Mezzanine is a market leader in the development of mobile business solutions for Africa. We use the power of mobile technology to enable businesses and organisations working in Africa to mitigate risks, address challenges and unlock opportunities. With an estimated 800 million mobile subscribers in Africa, we view mobile technology as a major enabler for economic growth.

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    Create Productive Societies

    Mezzanine’s purpose is to work with our clients and partners in creating productive societies. Our definition of a productive society is a healthy, well-educated society with an economic active adult population. This definition guided our focus on health care, education and agriculture as priority verticals.

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    Deliver Mobile Enabled Solutions

    Our strategy to fulfil our purpose is to deliver mobile-enabled business solutions as a managed service for a mobile-first world.

Our Values

  • Trust
  • We have confidence in each other’s capabilities.
  • We respect our colleagues, customers and partners and treat them as we want to be treated.
  •  We believe that people work best in teams where there is a foundation of trust and respect.
    • Accountability
  • We take responsibility for our actions and decisions.
  • We make personal commitments and take personal ownership.
  • We build trust by delivering on our promises.
    • Mastery
  • We want to get better at what we do.
  • We are a learning organisation.
  • We like to be challenged.
  • We look forward and reason backward.
    • Nimbleness 
  • We respond quickly and execute decisively.
  • We see new opportunities and seize them.
  • We see efficient execution as a key strategic advantage.
  • We want to be anti-fragile.

Over eight years of experience in Africa

Mezzanine has experience in developing mobile enabled solutions for enterprises that do business in Africa – whether you want to connect with your customers, your employees or your service providers; we have a team of experts that can help. Our solution realisation process is driven by your unique requirements. No two solutions developed by our team are the same. Follow the link below to download an example of our iterative, interactive process that works with you, our client, to deliver a solution that matches the requirements of your people and processes. Your satisfaction is not just a commitment, it is actually built into the core of our service offering.

Let's start the journey.

With our proven solution advisory process, we are ready to share the road with you!