Connected Farmer Solution

A mobile phone based solution for agribusiness to interact and transact with smallholder farmers.

Connected Farmer - An Overview

Mezzanine, together with Vodafone, developed a mobile enabled solution to mitigate the risk for agri-businesses doing business with SHFs.

Connected Farmer utilise readily available, reliable and scalable mobile technology to deliver a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use business management solution for all stakeholders in the agriculture ecosystem.

Connected Farmer is an easy to use mobile phone based enterprise solution for agribusinesses to interact and transact with smallholder farmers.

Key Features

  • To the Agribusiness:
    • Lowers cost & risk involved in transacting with small holder farmers
    • Informed decision making with readily available field data
    • Increased efficiency, productivity and transparency in the Agriculture value chain (for all stakeholders in the ecosystem)
    • Enhanced small holder farmer trust in the Agribusiness system and reduced side selling
    • Production increases improves economies of scale
  • To the Farmer:
    • Access to quality information to specific groups of farmers based on farmer and farm profile
    • Access to markets – closer and potential new channels
    • Access to finance and build transactional history
    • Improved income and resilience of farmers

Electronic Voucher Management Solution

A mobile enabled electronic voucher solution to enable secure voucher management across industries.

Electronic Voucher Solution – An Overview

The Electronic Voucher Solution is an easy to use mobile phone based solution for any organisation (i.e. Ministry of Agriculture, Cooperative, Agribusiness) that would like to make a subsidy programme available to a large consumer base.

Empowering organization employees and stakeholders with the Electronic Voucher Solution takes advantage of readily available, reliable and scalable mobile service phone to deliver a comprehensive, yet intuitive and easy-to-use management system.


Key Features

  • Information Management
    • Downloadable Excel and pdf reports.
    • Web table and dashboard.
    • Android activity summary views.
  • Reporting
    • Electronic voucher issuing and redemption.
    • Payments.
  • Transactions
    • Electronic vouchers through SMS.
    • Bulk group messages.
    • Farmer surveys.
    • Advisory subscriptions.
  • Communications
    • Farmer registration and profiling.
    • Detailed farm profile.
    • Farm inspections tracking.
    • Voucher creation.
  • Platform 
    • Secure log-in for authorised users.
    • Backup of data to ensure availability in the event of. data loss.
    • Redundancy – the backing up of platform primary. resources in case they fail.
    • Mobile application with off-line store-and-forward capability.
  • Stock Management
    • Stock capturing
    • Stock issuing
    • Stock receiving
    • Stock deductions against vouchers redeemed