Community Health Management Solution

A mobile enabled community care management solution used by Community Health Workers (CHWs) to record, manage and report all health care service information.

AitaHealth - An Overview

AitaHealth, an intelligent smart phone based application that empowers Community Health Workers ( CHW’s) to deliver preventative care services to communities on a home base level. AitaHealth support both administrative and clinical decision-making on a real-time basis.


Less paperwork means faster access to valuable data for decision makers. The application guides the CHW through the questionnaire – eliminating mistakes and ensuring data quality. The CHWs also find the application easier to use and the time spent during an interview is significantly less than with the paper-based system, giving the CHWs more time to care for the community.

Key Features

  • Each phone is associated with a specific CHW.  In this way all data captured is linked to the CHW, their Ward and the Health Facility they report to.
  • Built-in on the spot data validation checks automatically if the CHW is entering data in the correct format. This ensures record and database integrity.
  • Consent for registration and research purposes is captured with an electronic signature.
  • The onboard GPS captures the location of the household registered.
  • The integral skip logic features ensure that CHW’s only capture relevant information based on the demographics of the household.
  • The built-in interactive decision support feature empowers CHWs to identify health risks in real time.
  • A full task management feature allows CHWs to schedule follow-up visits and track their daily tasks.
  • Less paperwork means faster access to valuable data for decision makers. The application guides the CHW through the questionnaire – eliminating mistakes and ensuring data quality. The CHWs also find the application easier to use and the time spent during an interview is significantly less than with the paper-based system, giving the CHWs more time to care for the community.

Vaccination Management Solution

Vaccination Management Solution (VMS) is a mobile enabled solution that support providers of primary health services to increase coverage of their immunization programme.

mVacciNation - An Overview

The mVacciNation mobile application administrates vaccine delivery in the field by capturing vaccination records per individual child through a smartphone application at facility level, reporting on stock levels in the fridges to improve supply chain optimization, stimulating demand for vaccinations by educating mothers and sending direct reminders according to an official schedule via SMS and record fridge temperatures with exception reports to ensure the safe storage of vaccines.

Key Features

  • smartphone application.
  • Capture contact details as well as age, vaccine visit type and actual vaccine stock received.
  • Capture stock levels per vaccine stock on a daily basis to support “informed push” supply chain interventions where stock at clinics is automatically topped up instead of the clinic ordering the stock.
  • Send reminders to mothers to alert them of upcoming vaccinations.
  • Receive automated SMS and e-mail reports on facility reporting status, stock levels and aggregated vaccination totals.
  • Identify individuals who were not fully immunised through cross-referencing vaccination visit schedules with actual vaccinations dispensed.
  • Track planned and actual mobile brigade or vaccination outreach visits per facility and area.
  • Capture fridge temperatures daily and receive automated alerts as well as recorded explanations for out-of-range temperatures.

Learning Platform for Remote Health Workers

A mobile application to train community health volunteers in the field.

Leap - An Overview

Leap – The mHealth Platform.

Leap is a mobile phone application which health departments use to train Community Health Volunteers (CHVs) in the field and to empower and support them to render health related services in their communities.

Leap offers structured learning for the CHVs via mobile phone using voice and SMS. Functions include group chat, job aids, content search and diagnostic trees. It, furthermore, allows for health worker supervision, creating performance management reports, providing workforce management data as well as advisory content and training.

Key Features

  • Health education and promotion via mobile phones through voice and SMS.
  • Resourceful learning manager scheduling that ensures the delivery of curriculum topics and learning activities to the CHVs.
  • Automated notifications including reminders and escalations to ensure group participation and social learning.
  • The introduction of gamification in training to introduce an element of fun to motivate learning.
  • Group chat features that promote collaboration and discussion of health issues between CHVs and nurses.
  • Health decision trees that support real-time diagnosis of prevalent diseases.
  • Smart manager features that use real-time mobile reports to monitor CHV progress, identify top performers and motivate learning.
  • A personal digital record of training that provides users with their own individual performance measurement and which identifies opportunities for further self-scheduled learning.

Stock Visibility Solution

A mobile based solution that provide real-time visibility on stock levels on primary health care dispensaries. Enable government to increase access to medicine where it is needed, when it is needed.

Stock Visibility Solution - An Overview

The Stock Visibility Solution (SVS) makes a smartphone and application bundle available to dispensing facilities to capture stock levels on a daily basis. The information synchronizes in real time to a cloud-hosted server that automates alerts and reports for the benefit of various levels of supply chain management.


Real-time access to stock level information from medicine dispensaries allow low-stock levels to be pro-actively replenished and out-of-stock facilities to receive priority attention. The National Department of Health can monitor critical supply chains and compare centrally purchased volumes with medicine actually available on the shelves of dispensaries.

SVS enables governments to migrate from a pull model to an informed pushed model.

Key Features

  1. Medicine catalogue management
    • Enable mid-level managers to control items per facility.
    • Add and remove items centrally and synchronize to facility level in real time.
    • Upload full description, bar code and supplier details.
  2. Clinic profile and registration
    • Complete clinic profile with staff contact details and GPS coordinates for geo-spatial mapping which includes the geographic location and characteristics of the clinic.
  3. Mobile stock level capturing
    • Identify stock by scanning a barcode (or QR code) or selecting from an approved list.
    • Capture stock levels per facility through a lightweight Android application.
  4. Data Security and Access
    • Applications synchronize in real time to cloud-hosted data warehousing to ensure data is always accessible but still secure.
  5. Reporting
    • Schedule SMS notifications and automated alerts for low and no stock levels.
    • Visualize stock levels through graphs and heat maps.
    • Download reports in any format and configure automated e-mail reports to different stakeholders.
    • Access real-time reports through the internet and mobile apps.
  6. Stock-out report analysis
    • Instantly compare the number of facilities that stock a particular item with the number of facilities that are out of stock of a particular item.

School Health Management Solution

A mobile management system to support the delivery of primary health care services at schools.

SHMS - An Overview

Mezzanine’s School Health Management Solution’s (SHMS) customized mobile application is used in support of primary health care at schools. It provides for:

  • Learner registration.
  • Maintenance of basic Integrated School Health Programme (ISHP) service records.
  • Support of administrative decisions regarding follow-up and patient referrals to primary health care.
  • Consolidation of information for intelligent decision support.
  • Comprehensive school primary health care management and administration.
  • Real-time visibility of service records.
  • Sound communication amongst all stakeholders.
  • Meaningful strategic planning based on aggregated data.

Key Features

    1. Learner profile and registration:
      • Capture learner registration information using a secure mobile application.
      • Capture learner’s parent’s consent.
      • Build the learner profile over time.
    2. School profile and registration:
      • Capture school registration information and GPS location using a secure mobile application.
      • Bulk data upload via web application or CSV file import.
    3. Reporting:
      • Escalate and make the captured data available to authorized users through geo-spatial representations,(information about the school, for example) graphs and heat maps (graphical representations of data using colours to indicate the level of activity).
      • Download reports in PDF, XLS or HTML format.
      • Configure automated e-mail reporting to stakeholders as per an agreed schedule.
      • Provide real-time reports to web and mobile users.
      • Based on agreed measurements, update stakeholders on progress on how users adopt and utilise SHMS as a tool.
    4. Administration:
      • The system administrators invite stakeholders using their mobile numbers.
      • The system administrators configure the solution via a main menu.
      • Add  SHT and MHT groups by geographic location.
    5. Appointment scheduling:
      • Schedule appointments with the schools.
      • Schedule learner appointments within a group or across groups.
      • Send appointment notifications via SMS.
    6. Clinical data capturing:
      • Capture details of treatment rendered to the learner.
      • View learners,  treatment and care rendered by various health team members.