Logistics Management Solution

A solution for SMEs in the logistics sector to manage and track shipments across Africa.

Logistics – An Overview

Mezzanine’s LOGISTICS management solution:

  • A single point of entry for shipment status updates and relevant data, available in real time for all authorized users.
  • Shipment coordinators create a shipment and assign Responsible Parties providing transport or customs services.
  • Customizable alerts update all relevant parties based on expected dates per shipment.
  • This secure, cloud-hosted system replaces XLS-based shipment management.

Key Features

  • Schedule new shipments

      • Templates for frequent routes/shipments
      • Add shipment units, invoice detail, clearing and forwarding detail.
      • Attach relevant files.
  • Communications

      • Real-time notification to coordinators of status updates.
      • Automatic notification if expected due dates are reached.
  • Data Capture and Visibility

      • Service providers can capture data on the same platform.
      • Interested parties have visibility on key shipment metrics.
  • Reporting

      • Downloadable XLS and PDF reports.
      • Web tables, map views and dashboards with column filters.
  • Platform

      • Secure log-in for authorised users.
      • Automated back-ups of system data to secure repositories.
      • 99% service up-time guarantee.
      • A pay-per-use model sharing the cost of core infrastructure.