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IPS on International Development – Working alongside Mezzanine to help the Zambian Government

In addition to delivering the M-Pesa-based solutions for the delivery of aid, thanks to the network-agnostic Mezzanine platform, the International Development team is able to assist in alleviating poverty across a broad geography beyond the Vodafone footprint.

People living in poverty are often unbanked – and that means an innovative solution is required to get them the social grants they need. In collaboration with the WFP,  Mezzanine developed a tech-driven way to help the Zambian government to deliver their Social Cash Transfer System (SCT).

The SCT system is part of the National Social Protection Policy in Zambia. It currently covers 200,000 households and allows for qualifying beneficiaries to receive a grant every two months.  Prior to our intervention, the grant was typically distributed in cash by a community pay-point manager.

This model needed simplifying. Mezzanine, therefore, developed a managed mobile application that uses technology to simplify the registration and enumeration process.  The solution improved the quality of registration and enrollment, reduced data collection and processing time, reduced workflow complexity and provided the government access to real-time data.

Building on the success in Zambia, we hope to deploy the solution across many other countries, providing increased efficiency and security over the existing paper-based systems.

Team – International Development

Global Sales Manager – Corinne Scorey-Gordon

Global Account Manager – Rodrigo Carneiro


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