Mezzanine works with you to deliver digital solutions in Africa


Who We Are

At Mezzanine we work with our clients and partners in creating productive societies across Africa.

Founded in 2009, we use our market leading expertise in the digital environment to develop Mobile Solution Platforms and provide Technology & Advisory Services for products in the industries of Agriculture, Education, Health and Utilities.



What We Do


Your Trusted Partner on Your Digital Journey

The world we live in is changing, and so is the way companies lead their businesses. The Digital Revolution is paving the way for new efficient, transparent, and accessible business models. We understand that migrating from a traditional business environment to a new digitised system can be challenging.

Our hands-on experience in understanding, creating and scaling mobile solutions means we are your trusted technology and advisory partner, leading you through this digital journey, to not only benefit your business, but also society as the recipient of your service.

We have successfully developed, deployed and (continue to) support products in South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Mozambique and Nigeria.

Does your business have a problem that can be addressed with the help of a digital solution?


Our Capabilities


Work Smarter

Mobile, cloud, big data and the Internet of Things is transforming value chains across industries. We work with several partner organizations to orchestrate a range of technologies through one platform. 

This means we absorb the complexity of the set-up and management associated with these services so that our clients can focus on the outcome and impact of their solution.

Mezzanine can enable your business to work smarter by translating capabilities into propositions.

The capabilities available through our platform include:

Cloud Hosting, Security, Monitoring, Support, Web Services, Smartphone (native application), Feature Phone (SMS, IVR, USSD), Workflow Management & Decision Support, Web-Based Reporting, Mobile Money, Content Management, Analytics and Internet of Things.


Our Products

Mezzanine offers a range of products that have been designed and developed on our platform by our in-house product teams. 


mHealth is where Mezzanine started. Our products range from health surveys, managing stock to tracking blood samples.

Education decision makers can view real-time data from schools in their area. Remote training is also now available to anyone with a feature phone.

Smart Metering.jpg

Anything and everything can be connected and monitored. We leverage our Internet of Things capability to build unique smart asset management solutions.


Mezzanine offers comprehensive solutions for agribusiness to interact and transact with smallholder farmers in Africa.