Leap was created in partnership with Accenture and AMREF in an attempt to counterbalance the lack of skilled doctors and health workers. It is in fact estimated that in 2035 Africa will face a deficit of 12.9 doctors, midwives, and nurses. We believe the shortage can be mitigated by providing Community Health Volunteers (CHVs) with long lasting training programmes. CHVs empowered by our training solutions can assist in filling the health worker gap, providing basic healthcare and education in their communities. Leap offers a more sustainable, and scalable approach to CHV capacity building, ensuring a long lasting impact on communities’ health.


Mezzanine’s Learning Platform for remote Health Workers (aka Leap), is a health-related mobile application. Health departments use it to train Community Health Volunteers (CHVs) in the field, empowering them to render health services in their communities. Leap is easily accessible thanks to its simple  communications infrastructure. In fact, volunteers can access information from their personal devices - may they be feature or smartphones - cutting costs and time to distribute additional devices. Leap offers structured learning programs for CHVs via mobile phone using audio technology and SMS. Other functions include group chats, job aids, content search and diagnostic trees. Users can additionally adjust topics and curriculum to address specific learning needs, and play and active role in the learning process by sharing best practice cases, information and advice via the app. Furthermore, it allows for health worker supervision, creating performance management reports, providing workforce management data, as well as advisory content and training.


The service is live in Kenya, with over 30415 Community Health Workers actively utilising the service for training purposes.