eLABS’s objective is to ultimately increase efficiency in existing Laboratory sample testing systems. Our solution injects a new level of dynamism into the present testing services by, scrapping paper based systems, and monitoring samples’ location and cold chain ultimately decreasing data turnaround times.


eLABS is a mobile application which tracks and digitally sends results of blood specimens electronically. It lets health workers capture patients’ details by filling in an electronic laboratory form. The information is then married to a sample and a sticker barcode attached to the sample. The barcode is essential in monitoring and tracking the sample from clinics to laboratories. Indeed, the tracking process starts at the clinics when nurses scan the barcode into the application, pairing it to the respective patient. Drivers also scan barcodes at collection, as well as entering the cooler temperature from which the samples were collected. The same process is repeated at delivery. eLABS is integrated in the Laboratory Information systems, thus sending results to clinics as soon as they are available to the labs. The different stakeholders benefit from eLabs in a number of ways; samples can now be located and their temperatures can be tracked. This leads to decreased loss of samples as well as  lower sample rejection rates at laboratories. Patients also benefit from the service, as bypassing paper-based procedures decreases waiting times for results.


eLABS is currently deployed in Zambia, with 71 healthcare facilities adopting the service. Gauteng- pilot will be launched soon.