Electronic Voucher Management


Subsidy programs are aimed at improving business productivity, as well as improving recipient’s quality of life, by providing discounts or first necessity inputs. Governments & Organisations aiming to make a subsidy programme available to a large pool of consumers, may experience difficulties in reaching the entire base. Subsidy beneficiaries often have to travel to distant locations to receive subsidy vouchers, and issuers often lack in official documentation proving an individual’s entitlement to these financial concessions. Our Solution gives issuers the confidence of an informed decision, and recipients the comfort of receiving vouchers on their mobile phone.


The Electronic Voucher Solution is an easy to use mobile phone based solution for any organisation (i.e. Ministry of Agriculture, Cooperative, Agribusiness) that would like to make a subsidy programme available to a large consumer base. Vouchers enjoy wide popularity as the medium of choice when distributing subsidies. In fact, they act as a  guarantee against recipients using credit or discounts for purposes alien to the issuer’s original intentions. Our Voucher solution enables the registration of individuals and businesses, collecting information that will later be used to work out their eligibility to any given subsidy program. In fact, when initiators issue subsidies, recipients can be grouped based on location, income, size of household, size of business, crop size etc. The voucher is then sent in the form of an SMS, which requires their acknowledgment and approval. The voucher can finally  be redeemed at any previously verified and vetted participating businesses. The Electronic Voucher Solution mitigates the risk of voucher fraud through improved traceability and enables recipients to receive financial aid directly on their mobile, cutting the time and cost of subsidy collection.


Electronic Voucher Solution has been configured for the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries in Kenya, and is being deployed in Zambia by CFU.