Our health products improve and extend access to quality health services. These products decrease the cost of health services delivery and increase the productivity of the workforce in the field and the supply chains responsible for replenishing stock levels.

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Community Health Workers use AitaHealth to register, screen, flag, educate, refer and schedule follow-up tasks for individuals in their area. Management use the data to design and plan community health interventions.

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Stock Visibility Solution

All the primary healthcare facilities in 8 South African provinces report on stock levels to inform decision makers of their stock needs.

Household Census

Potential social grant beneficiaries are registered, screened and identified using this mobile application. District Social Welfare Management then validate the data using an online web portal. The process is completely digital and scraps the inefficiencies of previously adopted paper based solutions.


We use mobile technology to track the pick-up and delivery times of blood samples in transit (between a health facility and a testing lab). Health practitioners now also receive their lab results electronically - ensuring they can provide patients with timeous feedback.

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Health Workers use smartphones at facilities and during outreach visits to register caregivers/mothers. After registration they receive relevant health notifications and vaccination records via SMS.