Mezzanine Values


Mezzanine’s purpose is to work with our clients and partners in creating productive societies. Our definition of a productive society is a healthy, well-educated society with an economic active adult population. This definition guided our focus on health, education and agriculture as priority industries to focus on. As a team we achieve our purpose by following the four values that define Mezzanine:


• We have confidence in each other’s capabilities

• We respect our colleagues, customers and partners, and treat them, as we want to be treated.

• We believe that people work best in teams where there is a foundation of trust and respect.


• We take responsibility for our actions and decisions

• We make personal commitments and take personal ownership

• We build trust by delivering on our promises.


• We want to get better at what we do

• We are a learning organisation

• We like to be challenged

• We look forward and reason back


• We respond quickly and execute fast and decisive

• We see new opportunities and seize them

• We see nimble execution as a key strategic advantage

• We want to be Antifragile