Extending the reach of vaccinations has been the object of international and government efforts  since 1974. In fact, the World Health Organisation initiated the ‘Expanded Program on Immunization’ in that same year. Forty years later,  20% of children remain at risk, that is 1 out of 5 lives too many. mVacciNation was developed to extend immunization to “the fifth child” as a partnership between Vodafone, GSK, USAID, GAVI, UNICEF and the Ministry of Health of Mozambique. Our service aims to ease cost burdens identified in vaccination programmes, such as persistent stock-outs, distribution inefficiencies, and poor record keeping.


Our solution directly addresses hurdles impeding the success of vaccination programmes. mVacciNation allows nurses administering vaccinations at clinics to capture and record information for each individual child.  It also enables to track vaccine stock levels to optimize the supply chain, and fridge temperatures to ensure the safe storage of vaccines. All of this can be recorded on our app. The data synchronizes with the cloud in real time in order to improve supply chain planning, and demand management by sending mothers SMS reminders of scheduled vaccinations. VacciNations’ digital capabilities benefit stakeholders in a number of ways. Mothers now receive reminder messages. Nurses are presented with vaccines based on the registered stock levels on the app, and fridge breakdowns can be addressed as soon as they occur. Most importantly, by collecting patients’ information vaccination coverage is now calculated rather than estimated.


mVaccination was initially rolled out in Mozambique and is now also available in Tanzania and Nigeria.


mVacciNation video about the initial implementation in Mozambique.