At the beginning of 2015, our partners Agri Technovation had a vision; To overcome the restrictions and frustration of paper-based farming practices by digitizing them. This would be achieved by creating a platform that combined agriculture and technology as it had never been done before.

Today, thousands of producers have entered a new era in farming with MYFARMWEB™. This digital technology solution and mobile application designed to put smart decision-making into the hands of the farmer in the filed, has the ability to merge overwhelming amounts of past and current agricultural information from various suppliers into one synchronized system. The platform is a user-centric solution that turns information into insights, precision farming data into tangible operational guidelines and in turn, producers’ investments, time, inputs and labour into profit.

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) forms an integral part of the MYFARMWEB™ functionality. It enables Agri Technovation’s team of GIS technicians to capture, store and analyze information in a usable and managemabble way. With the GIS technique combined with Mezzanine’s MyFARMWEB™ technology, producers can:

  • Easily work with complex sets of data by integrating information from multiple sources not a complete, accurate and simplified form.

  • Improve data storage and security for the future. This then enables a historical record of data spanning years that can be compared and analyzed to ensure the best outcome for future agricultural settings.

  • Reduce costs and increase efficiency - especially with the MYFARMWEB™ mobile app.

  • Measure the spatial and temporal variability in soil and vegetation.

MYFARMWEB™ has 24/7 support and its online store, comparison tools for layers, timelines and past and present yield and nutrient maps make it everything a modern producer needs from the later in science and software.