School Management Application



At Mezzanine we consider effective communications and operations tracking non-negligible components in the creation of successful school management, Unfortunately, across many countries of the African continent distance can be a great barrier. Schools in remote and rural locations especially, experience difficulties in engaging in Real-time communication between school principals and education department leaders. The lack of interaction between parties undermines the success of the overall School Management. Furthermore, it triggers a feeling of frustration between the school parties involved, who will be prevented of making decisions supported by data, and will ultimately be forced to rely on their inaccurate estimations. We believe our School Management Solution can be the answer for informed decision-making and long-distance communication between administrators and school departments.



Our School Management Solution, is an easy to use web based system, which stakeholders will be able to access through a smartphone app and/or a web portal. It captures the data necessary for the Department of Education to have enough visibility of schools’ management status. Our solution enables school principals do report daily and exceptional activities back to the Dept. of Education in real time. Some of the solution’s key features include: Reporting on learner and teacher enrolment and attendance, incident reporting, reporting needs of furniture and learning materials etc. The information is registered through a joined Teacher-Principal effort and is sent in real time to Education Departments. Our solution enables a notification system, where Departmental decision makers are informed of incidents as they happen and can immediately provide feedback to schools. Reports are also made available to school stakeholders once enough information is collected over time period. Statistical analysis and trend reporting of aggregated data over time offers a sound base for operational and strategic planning.


Two provinces in South Africa currently use the system. In total there are 7000 schools in Gauteng and the Eastern Cape enrolled to use the School Management Application.

There are a further 5000 schools in Kaduna, Nigeria registered on the system.